Theeparatpittaya School
Education for life and society.


“It is a learning organization with a moral quality in accordance
with international standards. On the basis of Thai ”


1. Organize curriculum and develop teaching and learning process that focus on learners to be good people,
to learn, to have wisdom, to live happily in society.
2. Promote and develop learners with desirable characteristics. It is a quality standard.
Cultivate the values of Thailand. The students are good and good people.
3. Develop quality personnel according to professional standards.
4. Promote management by quality system. Compliance with international standards.
5. Promoting heritage conservation, dissemination of Thai arts, culture and traditions.


1. The students have the quality according to desired characteristics.
2. The students are of international quality standards.
3. Students have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to live well. And living with others happily.
4. Students have the potential to be productive in the creative world. The benefits to themselves and society.
5. Students have basic knowledge and skills to follow the curriculum. Potential for academic competition.
6. Students have the ability to seek knowledge and advance to the ASEAN community effectively.
7. Students are aware of the importance of Thai. Use Thai language to communicate correctly.
8. Students can conserve and inherit wisdom. tradition And Thai culture Sustainable
9. Teachers have the knowledge, ability and expertise specialized in academic and professional use of innovative media research to continuously develop learners.
10. The school is managed by a good governance system.


1. Develop the quality of learners.
2. Develop the potential of teachers and educational personnel.
3. Improve organizational performance.
4. Create a learning organization.